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Free Meditations and Interviews

Click on the play button to listen to Jeddah's 'Benevolent Intelligence' meditation

Benevolent Intelligence Meditation by Jeddah Mali

'Add Meditation to your Life', May 2012

Click here to listen to Jeddah's 'Add Meditation to your Life' webinar recorded in May 2012, with Howard Martin from Heartmath

Interview with Katharine Dever. June 2011

Journalist Katharine Dever conducted this 45 minute interview with Jeddah in June 2011. Jeddah explores the consequences of expanded as well as contracted thought, the omnipresence of universal consciousness and our potential as creative beings.

Katharine's website:

Click here to listen to the interview

MP3 recording of Jeddah's talk at Alternatives, London, June 2011

Under the heading Creating a New Paradigm, Jeddah examines the universal laws of existence and why we are hardwired for peace and harmony.

Part One of the Free MP3 File.

Part Two of the Free MP3 File.


This is a recording of a teleseminar that Jeddah recorded in June 2010. Free MP3 File.


Watch Jeddah's interview by Renate McNay for Conscious TV

Audio Interview 1 with Jeddah Mali. 1 hour interview by UK journalist Katherine Dever.

Katharine's website:

Jeddah answers a wide range of questions including the nature of the universe and conscious awareness, home life as a mother and her latest work projects - recorded in November 2007. Free MP3 File *

jeddah mali mp3 interviews

Audio Interview 2 with Jeddah Mali. 1 ½ hour interview by UK journalist Leah Landau - February 2008. Free MP3 File *

audio jeddah mali interviewstranscripts

Audio Interview 3 with Jeddah Mali. 35 minute interview by Master Kaye Lee - recorded in April 2009. Free MP3 File *

audio transcripts for jeddah mali interviews 

Audio Interview 4 with Jeddah Mali. 45 minute interview by Robert Scheinfeld - recorded in July 2009. Free MP3 File *


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Transcript of Katherine Dever Interview with Jeddah Mali Free PDF

Transcript of Leah Landau Interview with Jeddah Mali Free PDF

Transcript of Master Kaye Lee Interview with Jeddah Mali Free PDF

Transcript of Robert Scheinfeld Interview with Jeddah Mali Free PDF